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Caribbean Dream: Secure Saint Lucia Citizenship in Just Months

In most cases, when we mention exported goods, we are referring to resources or products. Yet, some nations offer a unique item: citizenship. Since 2016, St Lucia allows to purchase its own.

St Lucia’s route to a second passport is easy and affordable. You don’t need to visit the country to become an economic citizen, and no residency is required before or after passport issuance. Not to mention that the process itself is simple, cost-effective, and quick.

Citizenship by Investment in St Lucia: your four main options

Under St Lucian law, affluent foreigners have four investment avenues to gain citizenship:

  1. SLNEF Donation: Make a non-recoverable donation to the St Lucia National Economic Fund.
  2. Approved Real Estate: Invest in government-approved real estate projects with options for full ownership, shared ownership, or company shares.
  3. Business Ventures: Inject funds into approved businesses, including dining establishments, port facilities, roads, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, research, or education.
  4. Government Bonds: Invest in government bonds.

For investments that are recoverable, a minimum five-year holding period is required. Once this period is over, you may sell the investment and maintain your St Lucian citizenship.

As for government bonds, only zero-interest ones qualify for the CBI program. These bonds can be acquired either through a licensed broker or directly from the Ministry of Finance. At present, First Citizens Investment Bank (FCIB) and East Caribbean Global Investment Solutions Limited (ECGIS, Ltd) are the two authorized brokers in St Lucia.

Investments for St Lucian citizenship must be made after the authorities approve them. Both solo and group applications are welcome. You can also add dependents after the fact.

To apply, you can’t do without the services of a licensed immigration agent, as self-filing is not permitted by St Lucian law.

Applicants must prepare specific documents from their home countries, while others are supplied by St Lucian authorities. For instance, blank forms for applicants and their families can be downloaded from the official website of CIP St Lucia.

To finalize your St Lucian citizenship, complete the investment, pass due diligence, and then take an oath of allegiance. This last step qualifies you for a St Lucian passport, which you can receive in St Lucia or at any of its embassies or consulates worldwide.

For your information, delaying your donation or investment is quite possible. Such requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, approval is not guaranteed.

There is a catch, though: children born to St Lucia’s economic citizens automatically acquire citizenship only if they are born within the country. The current Constitution doesn’t extend citizenship to children born abroad to naturalized citizens. While there’s discussion about constitutional amendments, such changes face challenges and may not be imminent.

In practice, the government often grants citizenship to children of naturalized citizens, regardless of their birthplace, as part of its efforts to encourage foreign investment.

Keep in mind that if the primary citizen loses their St Lucian citizenship, it also affects all dependent family members, who will lose citizenship as well.

Why choose Saint Lucia?

Small yet breathtakingly beautiful, Saint Lucia is an island nation in the Caribbean. This tropical paradise is home to verdant jungles teeming with monkeys, majestic mountains, and radiant beaches. It’s a favored destination for global travelers with eyes for luxury resorts and idyllic vacation spots. However, St Lucia offers more than just a tourist experience. This welcoming nation invites you to become a part of its community. By applying for citizenship, you can obtain a second passport from St Lucia in just three to six months and make this island gem your second home.

A St Lucian passport brings a wealth of advantages with it:

  • Economic Citizenship: As economic citizens of St Lucia, you and your family gain the right to live, work, and study in a nation known for its political stability and very few economic issues. This opportunity extends to the entire Caribbean region, allowing similar privileges across all CARICOM member states.
  • Dual Citizenship: St Lucia permits dual citizenship, which means you can retain your current nationality while enjoying the benefits of St Lucian citizenship, provided your home country also recognizes dual citizenship.
  • Privacy: Your acquisition of St Lucian citizenship remains confidential. The local authorities will not disclose this fact to your home country unless there is an official, well-founded request.
  • Investment Opportunities: Economic citizenship is financially rewarding. Investments in real estate, business ventures, or infrastructure in St Lucia offer promising returns.
  • Contributing to Development: By opting for full citizenship through a donation to the St Lucia National Economic Fund (SLNEF), you contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth. These funds support vital social projects that generate employment and make life better for the locals, with annual project lists reviewed and approved by St Lucia’s Parliament.
  • Enhanced Lifestyle: St Lucia boasts a high quality of life, supported by a low crime rate and advanced infrastructure. The island offers modern technology, a delightful tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 27°C (77°F to 80°F), and brief, refreshing rains. Whether you prefer urban living or a rural retreat, St Lucia provides a broad spectrum of premium accommodations, from city suites to countryside bungalows, all within an hour’s travel across the island.
  • Fiscal Benefits: The country’s flexible fiscal policies allow for efficient asset protection and wealth growth, with a lighter fiscal burden and various tax planning tools.

Saint Lucia leads in CIPs: here’s why

It is safe to say that St Lucia does stand out against the fierce CIP competition of today, and here’s why:

  • Varied Investments: It offers four investment routes, unlike others with fewer options.
  • Affordability: At USD 100,000, it’s cost-effective compared to other nations, even after additional fees.
  • Quick Processing: Citizenship processing is efficient, taking only three to six months.
  • Online Applications: Its digital process offers speed and transparency.
  • Family Inclusion: St Lucian CIP is unique in that it allows new dependents to be added post-citizenship within five years.

Expert advice on Caribbean CBI

Interested in Caribbean citizenship by investment? The International Wealth team is here to offer expert consultations and legal support. Get in touch, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal!


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