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Game Shows: What Are These?

Online gaming is not just about making money. To be more precise, it has never been and is not the primary goal. One of the safest types of games is game shows. Big prizes are more of an addition to these games’ unique atmosphere. This article explores what these online games are, their various types, and why they have become such a hit.

A Brief History

Today, when you want to enjoy a game show, you just choose an online game on the luotettavat kasinot site and you are good to go. But how did it actually start? Few players know but the concept as such relates to the early days of radio (i.e., the 1930s). One of the earliest and most famous radio game shows was “Truth or Consequences.” In it, the contestants had to answer trivia questions or face humorous consequences. 

The 1950s were the golden age of game TV shows. You’ve probably heard of such iconic programs like “The $64,000 Question” and “What’s My Line?” However, this era was not without scandals. Most notably, the shows were accused of rigging quiz games. Nevertheless, they didn’t disappear. More than that, they move from TV screens to  websites.

Fun fact: TV POWWW! was the very first video game competition to be televised in North America. Players could compete for video game prizes in front of an audience using only their phones (landlines, of course). Players would call the television, and yell “Pow!” into the receiver to shoot a target on the screen, all on television.

Types of Online Game TV Shows

Live Trivia

Live trivia shows are perhaps the most widely known ones. They blend real-time interaction and quiz competitions. Platforms like HQ Trivia pioneered this format. Here, players answer a series of progressively more complicated questions within a limited time. If you’re tired of watching movies, this game is awesome for an evening with friends.

Online Game Shows

Before, it was only possible to WATCH a game show. Now, you can MAKE MONEY in it. For example, in brango games, they have games like “Deal or No Deal Live” and “Monopoly Live.” These have live hosts, real-time interaction, and significant prizes. It’s certainly a game for the sake of fun and you can only hope for luck. However, sometimes you want to relax and just enjoy social interaction, right?

Talent and Skill-Based Shows

Online platforms have also embraced talent and skill-based game shows. Competitions similar to “America’s Got Talent” are held virtually, where participants showcase their skills via video submissions. Viewers often have the power to vote for their favorites, adding a layer of interactivity and engagement.

Physical Challenge Shows

While more challenging to execute, some online games incorporate physical challenges that participants can perform at home. These shows often rely on video submissions and creative tasks that contestants must complete within a given time. This format became particularly popular during periods of social distancing, providing a way for people to stay active and entertained.

The Enduring Appeal of Gaming Shows


These games don’t require knowledge of any rules. It is entertainment for the sake of entertainment and nothing more. These games allow you to spend some quality time with friends with different backgrounds and interests.


If you miss the social interaction, these games are still the best option. What is meant by engagement? Live voting, quizzes, competition, and lots of fun! If you are not ready to spend money on a severe game today, let’s opt for something equally exciting but less risky.


There are a lot of options, but the monotonous mechanics quickly get boring. Gaming shows are an absolute lottery if you are not familiar with this type of entertainment. The most important thing is that you do not get tired of these games, as they do not require skills and focus.


Stress and online gaming to make money is a knowingly losing combination. But game shows are an exception to the rule. Since the main purpose is entertainment, the big wins here are luck. That’s why these games are not considered dangerous for your pockets if you are feeling tired and anxious. 

All in all, game shows are a cool entertainment option for those who’d love to see people competing. And they even are a good pick for those who want to compete themselves (like the game shows).

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