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Gamer Personality Test: Which Is Your Type?

Online gaming is an industry with its rules, features, and stakeholders. Depending on how players follow the rules, they develop strategies and form different gaming personalities. We decided to prepare a guide to help you determine which games suit your style of play. 

The Cautious Player

What sets them apart? It is conservative games and careful thought about the terms. They prefer low-volatility online casino games, where you need to rely more on your skills and experience than on luck. They manage their budget very carefully. Sometimes, if they take a little more risk, they can get substantial wins.


  • Risk-averse
  • Strategic and analytical
  • Disciplined with bankroll management

The Thrill Seeker

The Thrill Seeker is, in fact, the opposite of the casual player style discussed above. The former comes to gaming sites for one major reason — the adrenaline rush. You may have already guessed what types of games these players choose. That’s right. They are drawn to high-risk, high-reward Lukki games where big wins (and losses) are possible. They absolutely love the unpredictability of these games. They choose game because here, chance plays a significant role. They often lose large sums of money, but thanks to their ability to manage gaming risks, they can often win back losses and increase their game balance.


  • Enjoys high-risk scenarios
  • Seeks excitement and adventure
  • Less focused on strategy, more on fun


  • Online game
  • Crash games

The Social Gamer

The Social Gamer views gaming as a way to connect with others. They enjoy the interaction that comes with it. Of course, online gaming doesn’t imply much of it but they still find some playing at a live table or participating in group games. Such gamers are often found in rooms or live dealer tables. Besides, it’s them who write in live chats or leave feedback on review sites. It’s almost the perfect type of player. They know how to treat gaming as entertainment and are always ready to share their know-how.


  • Enjoys social interaction
  • Prefers live or group games
  • Finds value in the entertainment aspect of gambling

The Strategist

For the Strategist, gambling is a mental challenge in the first place. These players are, above all else, interested in outsmarting the competition. They are meticulous in their approach, often studying game theory, statistics, and strategies to gain an edge. They typically (though not necessarily) excel in games that require skill and deep knowledge. They enjoy the intellectual stimulation and the sense of achievement that comes from playing a well-executed game.


  • Highly analytical and methodical
  • Enjoys intellectual challenges
  • Continuously seeks to improve their skills

The Casual Gamer

The Casual Gamer sees gaming as something fun but not too important. More than 60% of online gamers belong to this type. These players are distinguished by the lack of pressure during the game and small games. They usually do not play alone and play for company with friends. They typically do not think about winning, and many of them do not sit down at the gaming table more than once a month.


  • Views gaming as a leisure activity
  • Games infrequently and with low stakes
  • Focuses on having fun rather than winning big


  • Online game
  • Video game
  • Lottery Games

The High Roller

The High Roller, or “whale,” is known for their willingness to place large and take significant risks. These are the most dangerous players! They often have substantial financial resources and are unafraid to wager considerable sums of money. High Rollers enjoy the VIP treatment that comes with their status, including exclusive events, luxury accommodations, and personalized services. 


  • Willing to take big financial risks
  • Enjoys the status and perks of high-stakes gaming
  • Often seeks exclusive and luxurious experiences


  • Baccarat
  • High-stakes 
  • VIP 

So what?

So, which gamer personality are you? The answer might just change the way you approach the game! Consider your strengths and weaknesses when choosing. Of course, interest plays a role, but it’s hard to win big if you have interest but no skills. Find the balance! 

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