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Guide to iOS SDK and Apple FairPlay

In the digital age, delivering content securely and efficiently is crucial for developers and content providers. With a substantial increase in online video consumption, protecting that content has become paramount. Apple’s iOS platform offers robust tools for developers to incorporate video functionalities and digital rights management (DRM) into their applications. This blog explores how to leverage the iOS SDK for video integration and Apple’s FairPlay Streaming (FPS) DRM technology to secure multimedia content.

Understanding the iOS SDK Video Capabilities

The iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks to facilitate video playback and manipulation in iOS applications. Key components of the SDK that are instrumental for integrating video include AVFoundation and AVKit.

AVFoundation is a versatile framework that allows developers to work with audiovisual media on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It supports numerous features essential for handling video, such as playback, editing, and content creation. AVFoundation is designed to handle complex tasks like parsing, playback, and capture, with detailed control over video formatting and processing.

AVKit, on the other hand, provides a higher-level interface for implementing video playback in iOS apps. It offers out-of-the-box components like AVPlayerViewController, which wraps AVPlayer functionalities into a convenient UI component that developers can easily integrate into their apps.

To integrate video using the iOS SDK, developers should focus on the following steps:

  • Choosing the Right Frameworks: Depending on the app’s requirements, choose between AVFoundation for detailed, custom implementations and AVKit for simpler, UI-driven integration.
  • Implementing Video Players: Utilize AVPlayer for playing video content, which can be streamed from the web or accessed from local storage.
  • Customizing Playback Features: Enhance the video playback experience by adding custom controls, subtitles, and various playback options.

Securing Content with Apple FairPlay DRM

As video content becomes more prevalent, securing this content against unauthorized use is critical. Apple FairPlay DRM is a DRM technology that helps protect and securely deliver streaming media to consumer devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

FairPlay works by encrypting the content on the server side and decrypting it on the client side, ensuring that only authorized users and devices can access the content. The encryption uses a combination of AES-128, CBC, and SAMPLE-AES to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the video stream.

Key components of implementing FairPlay include:

  • Server Setup: Set up a license/key server that complies with the FPS protocol to handle key exchanges securely.
  • Content Preparation: Encrypt the media content using the FPS tools provided by Apple, which involves segmenting the content and encrypting the segments with secure keys.
  • Client Implementation: Integrate the FairPlay SDK into the iOS app to manage license acquisition and content decryption during playback.

Best Practices for Implementing Video and DRM in iOS

When integrating video and DRM technologies like FairPlay into iOS applications, consider the following best practices:

  • Optimize for Performance: Video playback and encryption can be resource-intensive. Optimize your application’s performance by managing resources wisely and ensuring smooth playback even under high load.
  • Enhance User Experience: Despite the complexities of DRM, strive to make the user experience seamless. Handle licensing and key exchange processes in the background, minimizing the impact on the user interface.
  • Security Compliance: Adhere to the best security practices by keeping your DRM setup up-to-date and compliant with industry standards. Regularly update your implementation to address new security challenges and vulnerabilities.


Integrating video capabilities and DRM into iOS applications using the iOS SDK and Apple FairPlay offers a path to delivering high-quality, secure digital content. By leveraging these technologies, developers can protect their content while providing an engaging user experience. Whether it’s through the detailed control offered by AVFoundation or the robust protection enabled by FairPlay DRM, the tools provided by Apple stand ready to meet the needs of today’s digital content providers. With careful implementation and adherence to best practices, developers can achieve both security and performance in their iOS applications.


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