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How To Play Online Games Anonymously In 2024

There exists this widespread belief that anonymous gaming is safer. That is, you don’t reveal your identity so you don’t expose yourself to risks. The only question is how to do that! Well, there are quite a few ways, in fact. Some are reliable, others, well… questionable. But see for yourself.

Strategy #1: Use a VPN

If by anonymous you first and foremost, mean not revealing your IP, a VPN will work perfectly. It will encrypt your internet connection so your online actions should be harder to track. The same by the way is relevant to proxies. They likewise hide your IP so you can use them interchangeably. 

Another benefit of a VPN or proxy is that it allows you to bypass geographical restrictions. That is, if a casino doesn’t allow players from your country, you can potentially hide your real location. But do ensure that the online casino permits VPN usage. Some games have strict policies against VPNs and might freeze your winnings if detected. That’s super unpleasant. Look for VPN-friendly gaming sites on the euteller kasinot platform.

Strategy #2: Play Free Demo Modes

Then, you can also stay anonymous if you… don’t register an account! But what games can you play without registration? In fact, all games except for live dealer ones and game shows. But the trick is that you can only play them in the free demo mode. For example, in Roll XO, you can freely launch any game in the demo version without any registration or personal data exchange.

Besides gaing sites, you can also play free demo modes on software developers’ sites. NetEnt, Hacksaw, and other big studios all have those. But of course, the biggest disadvantage is that you can’t win real money in such games. They all are just for practice.

Strategy #3: Play with Crypto

Cryptocurrencies offer a higher degree of anonymity compared to fiat currencies. But this doesn’t imply entire anonymity. Rather, they do not require as much personal information for transactions. For example, a fiat money can require tons of personal info during registration. A crypto game will be satisfied with your email and that’s it.

Similarly, crypto allows players to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrencies, which means that the transactions aren’t linked to your credit card. That’s certainly more privacy and, hopefully, more security.

Strategy #4: Play in Games Without KYC

This one is the most questionable approach. The thing is that some online games offer “no KYC” play. That is, you can gamble without undergoing the typical Know Your Customer verification process. You don’t submit documents like IDs or proof of address so, it’s anonymity as it is.

But let’s put aside the anonymity aspect. Why do games have KYC? Because regulating bodies require them to! If a casino wants to be licensed, it MUST have a KYC. Now, what do we know about a casino without the KYC policy? Will it follow ethical practices? Do you have guarantees that you will really see your winnings? Unfortunately, you can’t be sure of anything in this case.

Where does this leave us? On the one hand, we see that it’s totally doable to play online games anonymously. On the other hand, upon closer examination, you can see that each approach has disadvantages. Some are not so grave, others are quite alarming.

In the case of VPN, for instance, you need to first find a game that’s okay about its use. With cryptocurrencies, you provide fewer personal details when registering an account but you may still be asked to complete a KYC. Then, you can also play free demo modes but don’t account for real money wins. And finally, there are no-KYC casinos that are fully anonymous but doubtful in terms of security.

In other words, it seems that to have a secure gaming experience with real money wins, you will, most likely, have to share personal info. At least, this is how it works now, in 2024.

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