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How To Unblur Chegg Answers Without Homeworkify? Top 5 Ways

Do you use Homeworkify to unblur Chegg’s answers? Well, that works, but what if Homeworkify isn’t working this time? You could be in the middle of your important exam or you could be helping a friend to complete his quiz. We all know that Chegg is a great place where we can get answers to the most prominent and repeated questions in our exams about almost all subjects. Hence, for any reason, if your Homeworkify isn’t working and you still want to unblur those Chegg answers, you have come to the right place. 

In this short article, I’ll explain some easy ways of unblurring the Chegg answers without using Home Workify. That’s because, like every other app out there, Homeworkify does have alternatives. So, let’s use some of the most common ones to unblur Chegg and solve our paper. 

So, What’s The Best Way of Getting or Unblurring Chegg Answers For Free?

If that Homeworkify site isn’t working anymore on your Chegg account or not helping you get the cleared answers, you should try a website named Chegg Ripper. 

This awesome tool helps you unblur any amount of Chegg answers for free. All you have to do is copy the link of your question from the Chegg and paste it over the Chegg Ripper. 

This website will unblur it within seconds. There is no limit on the amount of questions you may ask. However, if you enter too many questions, say, 15 questions links at a time, there might be a pause of one minute in getting the answer for the sixteenth question. 

But that does not happen more frequently. You get a seamless interaction of unblurring a large amount of answers from Chegg even without paying any subscription fee. Just copy and paste the link, and your job is done. 

Remember to utilize this Chegg Ripper at the beginning of your day. Heavy traffic can impede its functionality later on. Whenever you seek answers from Chegg without spending a penny, consider Chegg Ripper. It’s invaluable! In addition, if you’re familiar with other useful apps that would come in handy at any time, present them to Instagrammers through informative reels and posts, and for reaching out to numerous users, there are SocialWick‘s services.

Other Ways To Unblur Chegg Answers Without Homeworkify:

Undoubtedly, Chegg Ripper or Homeworkify are not only your best shots to unblur or reveal those Chegg answers. 

There are some other useful ways you can get these answers, and it will be helpful in solving those complex exam questions. These useful ways are explained as follows: 

Method 1: Try Element Killer Extension:

The first one I’d recommend to use for revealing any Chegg Answer is the Element killer. You just need to install this extension on your Chrome or Opera browser. 

Then you can unblur any Chegg answer just by clicking on this extension when you are on the right page. You can select the dives with just one click and make them completely disappear. 

Method 2: Buy the Chegg Membership Plan

If you often have to do multiple Academic assignments or quizzes for a variety of national and international clients, why not buy the Chegg Membership plan? 

It does not cost as much as just $8 per month. With that, you can have access to world-class resources of study material, questions, answers, and briefings from a plethora of clients. 

Method 3: Get a Chegg Trial Account:

Chegg offers you a free trial to explore its resources for almost 7 days, which you can cancel anytime. In case you have a spare Visa card, just go to their website. Sign up for an account and ask for that trial. They will ask you to enter your Visa card information. 

You can do so and ensure that your Credit or Debit card doesn’t have any money on it. After the trial ends, you can remove the card in a month or two!

Method 4: Use Inspect Element on Chrome Browser To Reveal Chegg Answer

What if a developer helps you reveal all those blurred answers you see on a free Chegg Account or search? Yes, that’s pretty fascinating. 

So, you can use the Inspect Element section on your Chrome Browser and reveal these blurred answers in no time. To make that work, follow the directions!

  • First, you need to open the Inspector Element tab and then click on the “Network” option. 
  • Take the search bar and enter the URL of the answer you are trying to unblur for sure. 
  • Now, click on the filter so that you can easily change this from Text to HTML. This will be converted into code, and you can easily copy and paste your desired text from this code. 

After this, your text should be revealed, and you should be able to get your desired answer. 

Method 5: Use Slader: 

Another option you have to get your desired answers for the questions you just pasted on Chegg is the Slader. Slader is a good tool in case you want reasonable answers to your questions. 

It’s a free resource and brings answers from a lot of books and study material for free whenever you copy-paste or write an answer into the Slader Search Bar. Just visit the official website, and you will know!

So, these are some top recommended methods to unblur the Chegg answers if nothing is working like Homeworkify. 

But the unfortunate thing is, Slader is gone. So, you can use all the above options!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How To Get Chegg Answers For Free?

The best and highly recommended way of getting Chegg Answers for free is using the Chegg trial account. You can use it for almost 7 days and get as many answers as you want. 

Does Chegg Provide Unblur Answers?

Yes, it does when you have a premium subscription or when you are using an app like Chegg Ripper. This will also be helpful if you have a Chegg membership or a Chegg free trial account!

Can I Use Chrome Extension for Chegg Unblur?

Try Element Killer as your Chrome Extension to unblur Chegg answers. I hope it will be helpful in this regard!


In today’s age, unblurring Chegg answers isn’t really an easy game. So, if you cannot find an easy or recommended method to get this done, you should be a good guy and buy a premium account. Or you should be highly ethical towards your studies and don’t use Chegg in the first place. But anyway, I hope this will be helpful in getting the information you have been looking for. Have a great day, and keep visiting!


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